Renee travels to ETH (Switzerland) - brings back much more than chocolate!

Renee traveled to ETH to speak at the 'The Future of Open Building Conference.' N. John Habraken was the guest of honor and a featured speaker. Anytime we get to hear John speak, it is a treat - and much better than chocolate. For those not familiar, we would urge you to take a look. John's teaching, writing, and gentle nudges have greatly influenced our approach to places.




Open Building Conference in Beijing

Renee Chow will be a keynote speaker at the 18th International Conference on Open Building on Tuesday, November 20. For more information, please see http://www.house-china.net/obi2012/en/index.php Open Building is an approach to the design of buildings that is recognized internationally to represent a new wave in architecture, but a new wave with roots in the way ordinary built environment grows, regenerates and achieves wholeness.