Renee travels to ETH (Switzerland) - brings back much more than chocolate!

Renee traveled to ETH to speak at the 'The Future of Open Building Conference.' N. John Habraken was the guest of honor and a featured speaker. Anytime we get to hear John speak, it is a treat - and much better than chocolate. For those not familiar, we would urge you to take a look. John's teaching, writing, and gentle nudges have greatly influenced our approach to places.



Renee's book gets noticed in the Asia Review!


Simone van Nieuwenhuizen writes about 'Changing Chinese Cities' in the Asian Review, reporting that it -

 "... offers a different perspective on these challenges. Chow argues that it is possible—indeed preferable—for Chinese cities to modernize without superseding their traditional aspects, and calls for a more nuanced approach to urban design. Chow remarks that a lack of attention to “common architecture” has prevented urban planners from adopting this nuanced approach."

She also points out the that -

 "Historians, sociologists, and those simply looking for a different view of China's rapid urbanisation and development, will find something in this book."

Something we find exciting.


Open Building Conference in Beijing

Renee Chow will be a keynote speaker at the 18th International Conference on Open Building on Tuesday, November 20. For more information, please see Open Building is an approach to the design of buildings that is recognized internationally to represent a new wave in architecture, but a new wave with roots in the way ordinary built environment grows, regenerates and achieves wholeness.