Our Practice

We provide full architectural and urban design services including programming, space planning, and feasibility studies for residential, commercial, and development projects.

We are committed to a collaborative process with our clients, approaching design by listening, communicating, and discovering the particular needs and qualities that make for successful and unique projects. Whether working with communities, client groups or individuals, we make the design process transparent and open, sharing our thinking and solutions in ways that enable all participants. We believe in an iterative and interactive process that informs all the participants.

By intention, we begin with few preconceptions about the ultimate form of a project and instead allow the design to emerge from a process that examines the qualities, needs, priorities, and potentials of the architecture. We view a project’s constraints, whether technical, economic, contextual, or regulatory, as opportunities to explore and innovate, making each project unique and of its place. We approach each project, regardless of its size, as a chance to make a place that is more livable, more meaningful, and more supportive of our environment. This intensity emerges from an office structured as a studio practice, allowing the principals to be fully involved with every client and each project.

We help people make informed decisions by providing design options and variations during the process, particularly early on, so choices are understood and decisions are made with confidence. Models, both digital and physical, are provided in each phase to ensure the concepts and ideas are fully understood.

Five ideas that guide our work:

Our practice is founded on learning about cultures, environments, and the potential of architecture to support them. We have a research approach to design, finding innovative solutions to everyday issues. Whether an observation is about how a family lives in a home or how people participate with a city, our belief is that good architecture is built upon a deep understanding of the problems, the means to make an architecture, and the people that use it. For us, the first step in designing is seeing and understanding.

We believe our task is to make people part of their setting as opposed to apart from it. We see every project as part of something larger, be it a natural landscape, a street, a community or way of life. We see our architecture as extending a place. 

We desire an architecture that invites people to participate with their place. Our concern is for how architecture supports people, institutions, and communities. Our joy comes in seeing our places well used and used well. We see our work as enabling living -- whether it is with the landscape, with a public setting, or at the dining room table.

We believe in building well, in integrating good technique with the expressive qualities of architecture. Our interest is in achieving quality from the construction of buildings, sites, and their intersections by recognizing the quality inherent in materials, no matter how modest, and using them directly. 

We think good architecture emerges from taking responsibility for a design’s contribution to the environment, for its future life, and for the economies that construct and maintain it. Achieving sustainability is a multi-faceted challenge -- moving well beyond checklists -- that interweaves building systems at different scales. We begin with resource efficient design practices and employ non-fossil fuel methods to heat, cool and light. We extend this approach by considering the long term vision required by sustainability, accommodating immediate needs balanced with the capacity to hold future demands as lifestyles change.

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